About US

Established in 2000, Wadi Chamsine represents the beauty of Lebanon, excellence in authentic food, and a superb hospitality.

Our Story

Authentic Lebanese Experience

Wadi Chamsine is more than just about great food! It is a sensational experience that offers modern Lebanese cuisine with a lively and artistic atmosphere offering a wide variety of family activities such as pedal kayaks, horse rides, ATVs, paintball, and an indoor safe play area for kids.

Mr. Mahmoud Araji

Founder of Wadi Chamsine

It Started with a Vision

Being fond of Bekaa’s mesmerizing nature and peaceful surroundings, Mr. Mahmoud Araji envisioned a getaway that offers an escape to solitude, nature, fresh air and some of the most stunning sights in Lebanon where someone can enjoy the genuine taste of the Lebanese cuisine and its famous mezze and some fresh water sports in the heart of the Bekaa Valley! 

It's All About the Family

Wadi Chamsine’s family all share one goal in common, to uphold their family’s legacy by offering a renowned cuisine and memorable experiences. They constantly strive to sustain this legacy through their core values and fundamental beliefs.

The Journey

Sights to Behold

When visiting Wadi Chamsine, you immerse yourself in an amazing unique experience where delicious food, fun activities and mesmerizing sceneries all come together in one place.

20,000 square meter of beauty

Wadi Chamsine's area spans over 20,000 square meter of amazing land covered with trees, plants and greenery intercepted with channels of fresh water.

Heritage You Can Taste

Our story is that of the great traditional Lebanese cuisine recipes that our family has relentlessly perpetrated over decades, generation after generation.

The Adventure

Experiences to Remember

Your summer getaway destination for outdoor adventure and peaceful natural surroundings!

An Authentic Adventure

Numerous activities await you at Wadi Chamsine and they are yours to discover, experience and cherish. From pedalo, kayak, horseback-riding and ATV to paintball and indoor play area for kids, you and your family are promised an adventurous day full of great fun. Many new activities will be added in the next 3 years.

Everlasting Moments

At Wadi Chamsie, eclectic beauty awaits you at every turn. This iconic spot is a truly one-of-a-kind space that's as stunning on its own as it is versatile and transformable. It has multiple event spaces that are picture-perfect, featuring beautiful lakeside lawns and gardens.

A unique holistic retreat experience

Endless Opportunities

A delight for the senses and palate, offering an exquisite cuisine in a stunning setting. Wadi Chamsine offers another form of exploration and delight: presenting a cuisine that feature flavors from the Bekaa valley with a discovery of the breathtaking surrounding.

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